Available Taken in: 07/23/14
Cleda's young life has been full of enough love, tragedy and startling life changes that she belongs in a Victorian novel! Right now, she's almost at the point in the story where she reconciles with a long-lost family member, reclaims her rightful inheritance and lives happily ever after with her one true love. Is it you?

Cleda came to us as a skinny, homeless mama with a week-old litter of 4. She immediately went to a foster home because she was very sick with an upper respiratory infection. She wasn't producing enough milk for her kittens so the kittens were bottle fed for several days. Once Cleda started to recover she was able to nurse and kept better and better care of her brood. However, one by one all of her kittens succumbed to pneumonia and died. After the requisite morning period, Cleda was neutered and is now ready for her new home.

Cleda is so friendly and likes to be near people so much that she must have been someone's pet. However, she had been homeless for long enough that she scarfs her food down, never trusting that it will still be there in 5 minutes time. On this plus side, this means she will eat any kind of food, wet or dry, she's not picky!

Cleda's litter habits were impeccable in her foster home and she did use a sisal scratching carpet for sharpening her nails. Cleda was in full-on mama mode in her foster home, so we don't know how playful she is or if she's a lap cat. However, she eagerly headbutted all people equally for scratches, including the middle school age children at her foster home.

When her foster visited her at the shelter, Cleda was happy to be held and petted (and didn't want to return to her cage). She was relaxed enough to be set down on a bench in the shelter's room full of cats in cages, and after sniffing the air was too busy grooming herself to bother with other cats. Cleda is a sweetheart who has stayed loving and trusting even after her harrowing ordeal. She will adapt well to whatever the future has in store for her. Please feel free to contact her foster for more information: jill_mcnaughton@yahoo.com

About Cleda

Pet ID 23395241
Animal Cat
Sex Female
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Age 1 year & 9 months
Location Foster Home
Color Brown
Size M
Weight 8 pounds
Housetrained? Unknown
Declawed? No

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