It’s every shelter pet’s dream. Love. A family. A real home. For 107 years, the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center has served the the greater Pittsburgh community, successfully placing lost, unwanted, abused, and neglected animals into caring homes. At the core of our mission is the celebration of the human-animal bond and there is no greater joy than knowing that an animal has found his or her “forever home.” Now, the Forever Home Campaign is making it possible to build a new, state-of-the-art animal resource center, allowing the Animal Rescue League to realize the dream that we have for all of our animals – to live in a Forever Home.

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Situated on 4 acres at Dallas and Hamilton Avenues in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, our new facility will occupy 35,000 square feet – nearly twice the size of our current shelter. It will showcase the many facets of the Animal Rescue League and allow us to expand current programs, as well as respond to client needs with new offerings. Features will include:

  • An adoption center dedicated to finding homes for our temporary resident animals, as well as enriching their lives during their stay.
  • An expanded low-cost clinic, caring for Pittsburgh’s pets.
  • A retail establishment, helping clients meet their pets’ needs.
  • An educational resource, giving clients the tools they need to bond with their pets.
  • A partner with the City of Pittsburgh’s Animal Care and Control Bureau, safely caring for lost, stray, or dangerous animals and caring for Pittsburgh’s canine officers.
Hamilton Avenue at Dallas Entrance on Hamilton Avenue Main Atrium Modernized Surgery Rooms Real Life Rooms Cat Cuddle Rooms Cat Enrichment Moving Video Display
Hamilton Avenue at Dallas

You can help save lives.

As exciting as the vision for our new animal resource center is, the resources needed to realize the dream are significant. For example, our new veterinary clinic, which will allow us to increase services by 30% over the first two years, needs $128,270 worth of equipment. That includes everything from a $50,000 digital x-ray machine (so that we can retire our old machine from the 1960’s), to a $4,000 autoclave, to $125 clippers for surgery preparation. By making a commitment to The Forever Home Campaign at whatever amount is most meaningful to you, you’ll be joining hundreds of animal advocates who have already stepped forward to help build a future for Pittsburgh’s animals in need. Your gift of support, which can be spread over time to provide as much flexibility as possible, will literally help save the lives of thousands of animals! Please consider making a contribution to The Forever Home Campaign today.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss naming opportunities, please contact Cathy Oskin at 412-345-0344 or