Volunteer Opportunities

Jenna Ladie, jladie@animalrescue.org Phone: 412-345-7300 x509 Fax: 412-793-6283

The Animal Rescue League (ARL) Wildlife Center is a clinic for the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife. The Educational Programs provided to regional residents help to foster an appreciation for conservation and a harmonious existence between individuals and wildlife.

wlc1The Volunteer Association of the Wildlife Center includes all active volunteers and meets on the second Saturday of every month. These meetings provide the knowledge required to volunteer and help care for Pennsylvania’s native injured and orphaned wildlife.

The Volunteer Association also offers leadership opportunities. Volunteer-Staff Liaison positions are voted on yearly by active volunteers.

Volunteers receive hands on experience working with Pennsylvania’s native wildlife and have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping injured and orphaned wildlife who probably would not survive without your help.


Before you begin volunteering at the Wildlife Center you must:

  • Interested people must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer. Volunteers aged 16-17 will not be permitted to work with raptors or adult mammals.  Persons 18 years and older are permitted to handle all animals at a staff member’s discretion (except Rabies Vector Species without proper training and vaccinations). Volunteers go through extensive training and must be able to make a 6 month commitment.
  • Prospective volunteers are required to attend a Volunteer Information Session (no exceptions will be made). Please see upcoming dates below. For more information, please contact jladie@animalrescue.org.
  • Give documentation of a current tetanus shot and a current photo ID. Individuals under the age of 18 will need a parent or a guardian to sign for them. Documentation of the rabies pre-exposure vaccination series and rabies certification by the PA Game Commission is required before working with Rabies Vector Species (RVS) animals
  • Be able to provide your own transportation.
  • Be able to commit to one 4 hour shift a week. Shift commitments may vary with different positions.

All volunteers will be asked to participate in activities other than animal care. Volunteers are expected to help at public appearances, fundraisers, and other daily projects.

Volunteering is a privilege and the Wildlife Center reserves the right to refuse any applicant and to terminate any volunteer at any time.

Upcoming 2015 Volunteer Information Sessions

Please note: You must pre-register to attend! Please email jladie@animalrescue.org to reserve your spot.

  • Due to the volume of injured and orphaned animals we accept during the spring and summer months, we are unable to train new Animal Care Volunteers at this time. We are still recruiting volunteers for quality care, as well as reception and intake. For more information and to apply, please contact jladie@animalrescue.org.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Quality Care Volunteer

Reception and Intake Volunteer

Other volunteer positions are currently being restructured. Please check back soon for more information.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships Available!

Bree Bigelow, bbigelow@animalrescue.org  Phone: 412-345-7300 x500 Fax: 412-793-6283

The ARL Wildlife Center is seeking students who are interested in working as rehabilitation assistants.wlcbird
  • We are a fully licensed wildlife rehabilitation center that treats over 2000 animals per year. Our mission is to release healthy animals back into the wild.
  • Internships include learning to give comprehensive physical exams, prescribing treatments, providing daily husbandry and nutrition for various native species.
  • Interns are taught to properly handle wild animals such as hawks, owls, and various mammals.
  • A commitment of 15-20 hours per week is required. The center is open 7 days a week, so scheduling is very flexible.
  • Candidates must have excellent communications skills, basic computer skills, and be able to work alone and in groups.
  • Students in the biological and environmental sciences fields are preferred.
For more information on our internship opportunities, please contact the Wildlife Center Clinic Coordinator, or send resume and cover letter to: bbigelow@animalrescue.org.

 Internship Information

 Internship Job Description